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Not before family.

No, but can we talk about the utterly dead look in Dean’s eyes as he sits bleeding in the back seat of his car listening to his dad tell his little brother that revenge is more important than him?

And can we take a moment to think how it must have felt when Sammy’s eyes flicked to him in the rearview mirror just before he told John no?

If at no other time, and even if he forgot it in the turmoil and betrayal of the years that followed…in that moment Dean understood that he wasn’t the only Winchester who loved his family more than the job.

Tell me again that John is a good father, JUST TRY AND TELL ME

such fatherly, very love, wow. 

friendly reminder that this is also the demon that killed Jess. Sam is in the exact same position as John when he lost Mary, but he’s picking Dean and their relationship over stopping what killed his fiancee. People may say Sam is a lot like his father, but he’d never become what John was. I say it’s because he has Dean, and always has had Dean.


Just yes.

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